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Scholarship Foundation

Silla Cultural Scholarship Foundation

“All humans are born equal with the right to enjoy freedom to the fullest under their given circumstances. Additionally, they all have the right to
receive education, and, by receiving education, they develop a strong sense of duty regarding community services. These rights and duties are not
constrained by status, whether said status might be gender, age, wealth, or social standing.

However, the reality is that such principles do not apply in today’s social phenomena, and it is truly regrettable that so many talented youths are
deprived of their right to receive education due to the dismal financial situation of their families, leading to them living unfortunate lives. This is a
tragedy for not just the children themselves, but of the nation and society as a whole, as it means the loss of those who might grow up to become
valuable pillars to bring about national development. As such, the nation must make seeking out and finding promising youths, in order to train them
and let their talents shine, its greatest priority for carrying out its long-term vision.

The scholarship foundation was established to provide talented students who are unable to receive a higher level of education and conduct
research due to their financial difficulties with scholarships, guaranteeing their right to education and giving them the opportunity to contribute their talents to the nation and society.

Thus, the Silla Cultural Scholarship Foundation will be established to develop the pillars of the nation’s long-term vision and contribute to national
development in a small yet meaningful way.”


  • Scholarship Funding

    Total Funding: KRW 33,192,938,710

  • Research Funding

    KRW 234,400,000

  • Event Funding

    KRW 1,105,098,691

How to Apply for Scholarships

The foundation annually posts the principles for selection openly on the homepages of each school in early January.