SILLA HOLDINGS Social Contributions

Outline of Social Contributions

Scholarship Projects to
Train Talented Individuals and Beautiful Sharing

Silla carries out various social contribution activities to ensure that the company gives back to society.
Established in 1978, the Silla Cultural Scholarship Foundation has helped about 5,000 students to achieve their dreams over the past 45 years, and
regularly carries out various other social contribution activities to help the underprivileged, including dispatching its employees to participate in ‘Voluntary
Activities for the Disabled’, ‘Voluntary Activities at Orphanages’, and ‘Rice Delivery of Love.’

  • Talent
    • Silla Cultural Scholarship Foundation
    • Donation of Scholarships to Universities
  • Beautiful
    • Voluntary Activities for the Disabled
    • Voluntary Activities at Orphanages
    • Rice Delivery of Love
    • Charity Auction of Love