Fishery and Food
SILLA (Listed on KOSPI)
Established in 1967, Silla is the originating company of Silla Group, and has walked alongside Korea’s economic development through its participation in the
trade and fishery (deep sea fishery) industries, preserving its proud Half a century of Silla lineage. Silla currently operates 17 tuna purse seiners,
9 tuna longline seiners, 1 carrier vessel, and 1 pollock trawl-boat in its capacity as a global fishery company.

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Established in 2002 as a part of Silla Group’s global project to seek out new growth engines in the fishery sector,
PANOFI is located in Tema, Ghana of West Africa. The company currently operates 6 tuna purse seiners and 2 carriers,
and utilizes the rich fishery resources of the coast of Ghana and the open waters of the Atlantic to catch
and export fishery products.
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Established in 2011, KIRIKORE is located in Tarawa of the Republic of Kiribati. The company has currently
operates 3 tuna purse seiners to utilize the rich fishery resources of the coast of Kiribati and the Western and
Central Pacific, and is exporting high-quality tuna to the whole world. Constantly growing,
the company has cemented itself as a new growth engine in the fishery industry.
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Established in 2018 to expand fishing rights in the Pacific, NFDC is located in republic of Nauru.
The company has currently operates 2 tuna purse seiners to utilize the rich fishery resources of the coast of Nauru
and the open waters of the South Pacific, and is exporting high-quality tuna to the whole world.
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Established in 2013, IZVALTA is a joint corporation located in Vladivostok, Russia that exports high-quality
pollock caught in the waters of the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk to Korea.
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Established in 2014, GMTS is located in Subic, a free economic zone in the Philippines, and handles the supply
of articles for ships operating in the Pacific, such as oil and food.
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Established in 1977, Silla SG has continued to grow for the past 40 years. The company’s main lines of business are its production of sausages as an OEM,
which is based in Busan Plant, and meat distribution business based in its main office in Seoul. In 2013, it established a corporation in Cambodia, and in 2016, it
acquired the canned bai top shells manufacturer Dongpyo, cementing its development into a global general food manufacturing and distribution company.
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Established in 1962, Dongpyo is a pioneer in the domestic canned bai-top shell manufacturing sector, and
operates production facilities in Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do. The company was acquired by Silla SG in 2016,
becoming a group company under Silla Group. In addition to the production of its famed ‘Dongpyo Euljiro Bai-top
Shell’, Dongpyo also produces various processed marine food products for CJ as an OEM, and is constantly evolving as a company.
Date of Establishment : January 1, 1962

Location : 42, Nonggongdanji 1-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

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Established in 2011, the Tema-based COSMO operates the largest canned tuna manufacturing facility in West Africa.
The company uses the fresh tuna caught by the vessels of PANOFI, an affiliate, in the coasts of Ghana
and the Atlantic to produce canned tuna products for the European brands, Aldi and Lidl, as an OEM. COSMO is
seeing major growth with each passing year.
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Established in 1977, Donghwa Fresh Produce is a distributor of agricultural product by
auction at Garack market. The company was acquired by Silla in 2019, becoming a group company
under Silla Group. Dongwha Fresh Produce seeks to develop agricultural distribution
structure and to maintain appropriate price between
supplier and consumers for stabilization of living.
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Since its inception in 2021, NLC has acquired the master franchise rights for Popeyes in Korea
and currently manages directly-operated outlets and franchises.
Date of Establishment : November 30, 2021

Location : 362, Baekjegobun-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

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